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Beside Linux and Windows there is the Unix storage specialist Solaris with its best of all ZFS integration and the unique OS/ZFS based SMB server

30% extra discount for new customers for site or edu campus site support contracts
extended due Corona until dec 31st, 2024!!
Please request per eMail

First Beta of napp-it cs:
napp-it cs

Web-gui for any (ZFS) server, serverfarns or single board appliances like Raspberry or Odroid (ultra low power, fanless, 4GB RAM)


  • For Oracle Solaris 11.4
  • native ZFS v. 44
  • Commercial OS support > 2034
  • Barebone setup or virtualized (ESXi)
  • For OmniOS or OpenIndiana (free Solaris forks)
  • newest ZFS features ex encryption and special vdev
  • Commercial support optional (OmniOS)
  • Barebone setup or virtualized (ESXi .ova)

native Solarish LAN services (made by Sun for Solaris)
  • FC
  • iSCSI
  • SMB (multithreaded ZFS/kernelbased)
  • SAMBA (optional)
  • NFS
Cloud or extra 3rd party services
  • Amazon S3 kompatible cloud (minIO)
  • www
  • rsync
  • others like ftp, minidlna, tftp, ..

ZFS features, depend on distribution
  • Encryption
  • Pool checkpoints
  • Removeable/special vdevs
  • Trim
    and more..
napp-it Features
  • Enclosure Maps
  • HA Cluster
  • Keyserver and Keymanagement
  • and more
    managed by a Web-UI

  • commercial or edu use
  • newest features with softeare support
  • access to bugfixes and updates, use case optimisation
  • newest Pro/Dev releases
  • single or complete extensions
  • annual or perpetual license
  • single, group or campus/location license
  • home/edu discount
  • Version downgrade/update: menu About > Update
  • Quotation
  • Commercial use
  • napp-it for reseller or service provider

  • for re-distribution or configuration on demand
  • newest v.21 Pro/Dev releases
  • Version downgrade/update: menu About > Update
  • Reseller/ contractor quotation

  • free for noncommercial homeuse
  • no support or Pro features
  • no capacity limit
  • update free version via menu About > Update
  • special edu and home conditions for PRO features
  • free for commercial use
  • no support or redistribution/ setup on demand
  • no capacity limit
  • Setup 1 ..2 .. 3
  • without Pro features

more about editions..

napp-it 22.04.2024