• ready to use and comfortable ZFS storage appliance for iSCSI/FC, NFS and SMB
  • Active Directory support with Snaps as Previous Version
  • user friendly Web-GUI that includes all functions for a sophisticated NAS or SAN appliance.
  • commercial use allowed
  • no capacity limit
  • free download for End-User

  • increased GUI performance/ background agents
  • bugfix/ updates/ access to bugfixes
  • extensions like comfortable ACL handling, disk and realtime monitoring or remote replication
  • appliance diskmap, security and tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/setup on customers demand optional
please request a quotation.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf


Napp-it Web-UI and setup Support

Napp-it Pro complete extension includes email support for setup problems  (not for home-edition)
for the time of the subscription or 5 years for unlimited editions.

Napp-it Pro (all editions) include support for Web-UI problems with immediate access to newer Pro
or dev releases for the time of the subscription or 5 years for unlimited editions.

If you want to contact our support on this, send an email to
and include the following information:

- your license key
- your OS ex. OmniOS 151024, September 2017, optionally build number
- your napp-it version
- informations about your hardware if it affects your problem like. HBA Controller, firmware, disks etc

We will answer as soon as possible but cannot guarantee an immediate answer.

Napp-it Free or home

You can use the Napp-it ZFS server free edition even commercially without a capacity limit or a charge as a end-user.
You use it on your own risk without any support or warranty.

There is no support for napp-it Free
For questions ask at the STH forums or read their infos as this is the best source of informations around storage and ZFS


OS Support

Commercial OS support is available for OmniOS and at Oracle for Solaris

Bugreports for the napp-it GUI

please send bugreports to together with your OS Version and the  napp-it Version with release date
We will care about in the next release

Consulting and training

If you offer configuration or user support or consulting about ZFS/OI/OmniOS/Solaris optionally with napp-it
we will list you here at no costs.

State of bugs or new features in Illumos (base of OmniOS/ OI/ ZFS development)

see and search for 
"ZFS send" or "SMB" or "NFS" or "Trim" or..

Join the Illumos and OmniOS discuss mailing list to get informed immediatly.
(OmniOS community edition)

or read the archive at

napp-it 12.11.2022